Q&A with Davis: Personal Questions

Why did you start the blog and decide to stay committed to it?

I started my blog back in September for two purposes. One was to keep track of progress on my goals and two to give advice to others trying to accomplish their own goals. I decided to stay committed because I found that I was learning a lot by writing daily posts.

How advanced ahead are YOU designing your life? Do you design your whole life, knowing not what you want to do and opportunities that may be open, or keeping to your original plan of getting specific results and opportunities?

I know what I am doing today and the rest of this week. I know somewhat what my month is shaping like, but I don’t have my year planned out in detail. I know generally what I want to get done, but do not always have specific to-do lists for months ahead. I narrow down what I want, but keep my plans flexible enough so that I can add and change as new opportunities and priorities arrive.

Do you have a back-up plan? What if your goal is so hefty that the chance of you succeeding is miniscule compared to the chance of you failing? What happens if you fail to “land on the moon?”

Depends on my goal, but if you mean something financial (like starting a business), then I would have a back-up plan.

How do you get a fitness test? (the one you do for your workout).

The one I used during my insanity workout was included in the workout, but you can find fitness tests by just Googling them. The key is to pick one that measures you on the different aspects of your workout and one that you can repeat periodically to measure your progress.

How many goals would you carry on simultaneously? If there is no specific number, then how about a range?

My number depends on the magnitude of the goals. I usually start with a few and drop/add until I am comfortable with the time and quality I am devoting to each goal.

You mentioned “Observational Learning.” What is the difference between that and Passive Learning? How do you keep yourself from being bored or distracted while “observing?”

Observational learning is when watch someone else do something you want to do. How I keep myself active and engaged is to either take notes about what I like that I see what I don’t like.


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