Q&A with Davis: Questions about School/College

Reader Submitted Questions

If you can’t finish your assignments before you go to bed and it’s due tomorrow, what should you do?

I would weigh my option (how muchYou’ll find that as you begin to practice better time management, you won’t run into a problem like staying up late doing an assignment because you would have already completed them before.

Do you party in college? What if I want to party in college? I would go out twice a week on Friday and Saturday, and that affects my cycle of sleep the next day and the next week. How could I fix that?

I stay up late on Fridays and Saturdays too. When I do go to bed, I sleep in a bit the next day (I wake up a little later on Saturday and Sunday), but then my routine picks back up. If you sleep around the same time during the weekday and then sleep late on the weekend, your body will go back to normal that Monday unless you didn’t get enough sleep/too much sleep on the weekend.

If you’re studying for a test, but you’re exhausted due to recent continuous deadlines and exams, and it’s only mid-day or early in the afternoon/ evening, will you take a nap and catch up later, or will you take coffee and keep pushing through assignments?

I don’t drink coffee, but if you are tired beyond the point that you can’t tell a carat from a carrot, then you need to take a break.


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