How to Keep Your Motivation Alive

When I was 13, I wanted to be a non-fiction writer. I thought being a non-fiction writer was the coolest profession in the world. Writers aren’t afraid to put their ideas in the open for criticism, get paid to write about what they love, and have flexible working hours. I said to myself that when I grew older, I would be a non-fiction writer. In particular, I would write non-fiction self-help books (the same books that helped me turn my life around).

As I started high school, I realized that being a writer wasn’t as great as I thought it would be. Writers don’t always say what is on their mind and what they love; sometimes they have to write to pay the bills. Those who do put themselves in the open don’t all have steady salary, in other words, unemployment was high. I abandoned my dream and instead researched into other areas of interests: law, politics, business, engineering, IT, etc.

In college, I kept hearing “do what you love and the money will come” and variations of it. The problem was most of the people who said them were working on Wall Street, Capitol Hill, or in research labs. A few editors here and there, but I had yet to encounter a self-help writer. Then I discovered, the digital nomad community, people who use digital technologies to perform their work duties from all around the world.  After reading a few stories from people like Tim Ferriss, Chris Guillebeau, and Corbett Barr I grew the confidence I needed to pursue my interest.

Although Tim, Chris, and Corbett all specialize in different field their common message was, if you can find a market for your passion you can succeed. Helping people set goals and achieve their dreams is something I enjoy and know people can benefit from. As a result, that childhood dream I once thought was silly doesn’t seem quite ridiculous after all. I still have dreams of one day publishing a book.

Tomorrow’s Featured Writer is Tina Ho, who will follow up on today’s post by talking about holding on your childhood dreams.


What are some childhood dreams you still want to accomplish?

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