Featured Friday: Holding On to Childhood Dreams

Today’s Featured Writer is Tina Ho, who wrote about holding on to your dreams.


“I want to go into space.”
“I want to be a king.”
“I want to rule the world!”

Silly children’s fantasies? You may think so, but these dreams weren’t said because they were empty. To the children on the playground who once said these words, these goals held a passion, held a longing and held hope.

“Get your head out of the clouds!”
“Really? Are you serious? That’s impossible.”

As adults, we hear these statements all the time. We hear them every time we doodle in our notebooks; we hear them every time we look out the window; we hear them every time we think of something unconventional. These are some of the reasons why growing up, we lose our tendency to dream. We get trampled on, pushed on, and realize that there is a distinct line between what is real and what is fantasy. 

Every time I drive home from Atlanta at night, I would look outside the window and see the plethora of lights and skyscrapers. The ambience suddenly made me imagine that I was the Chief Executive Officer of a multi-billion dollar company. I dreamed of myself being able to sit in my office and I relished in the essence of my success. Yet, once I opened my eyes (I was not driving by the way), I realized how far that dream was from where I was. I realized how I was just in a plain Toyota with a plain book bag in the back seat feeling tired from a long, hard day.

I felt that dreaming was bad, because it showed me the place where I could never be; it showed me what I want and just like that, it took my dream away too. I realized how normal I was. I can never be a CEO. I rationalized to myself that I had to be super smart and I had to know the right people. Yet somehow, no matter how much I rationalized, there was still a burning hope that maybe I was wrong and that maybe one day, that dream will come to pass. I later realized that dreams were not meant to show you where you cannot be, but where you CAN and WILL be. It might not happen today or tomorrow, but one day I will be that CEO siting in that office.


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  1. Really got me thinking about rationalizing the difference between my dreams and goals. Great Article and thanks for the motivation right before Español 101! 🙂

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