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An update series on my current goals.

Relaunch of Find My Motivation

To all my ambitious, motivated, and amazing readers;

Thank you so much for the last five months. Since I started my blog back in September, my favorite part of the day has been sitting down and writing great and practical content for you to use.

One of my goals this year is to expand the blog to as many readers as possible. In fact my goal is to reach more than 10,000 subscribers by the end of the year.

To help me to do this, I realize I have to change a few things including figuring out what you guys want me to write about, providing quality content, and upgrading the website.

So this is not a post about quitting. Quite the opposite, I want to blog even more in the future.

During this transition stage, I want to devote as much time as I can to making the relaunch blog the best I can make it. As a result I will no longer be writing for Find My Motivation to focus all my time and effort on launching the new blog (which will still be about finding your motivation). The new blog will be based on the same content but on a different website that I am developing right now.

I am looking for suggestions for blog names, content, and how I can improve my blog. I would love your input (it is anonymous).

To stay updated, add your email to my mailing list (I don’t like spam, so I won’t and you can request to take yourself off at anytime).

I will be moving my blog to the new site by the end of August and I will update you on my progress every now and then.

Thank you for understanding and I hope you will continue to support me through this stage.

Until next time,

– Davis


How to Keep Your Motivation Alive

When I was 13, I wanted to be a non-fiction writer. I thought being a non-fiction writer was the coolest profession in the world. Writers aren’t afraid to put their ideas in the open for criticism, get paid to write about what they love, and have flexible working hours. I said to myself that when I grew older, I would be a non-fiction writer. In particular, I would write non-fiction self-help books (the same books that helped me turn my life around).

As I started high school, I realized that being a writer wasn’t as great as I thought it would be. Writers don’t always say what is on their mind and what they love; sometimes they have to write to pay the bills. Those who do put themselves in the open don’t all have steady salary, in other words, unemployment was high. I abandoned my dream and instead researched into other areas of interests: law, politics, business, engineering, IT, etc.

In college, I kept hearing “do what you love and the money will come” and variations of it. The problem was most of the people who said them were working on Wall Street, Capitol Hill, or in research labs. A few editors here and there, but I had yet to encounter a self-help writer. Then I discovered, the digital nomad community, people who use digital technologies to perform their work duties from all around the world.  After reading a few stories from people like Tim Ferriss, Chris Guillebeau, and Corbett Barr I grew the confidence I needed to pursue my interest.

Although Tim, Chris, and Corbett all specialize in different field their common message was, if you can find a market for your passion you can succeed. Helping people set goals and achieve their dreams is something I enjoy and know people can benefit from. As a result, that childhood dream I once thought was silly doesn’t seem quite ridiculous after all. I still have dreams of one day publishing a book.

Tomorrow’s Featured Writer is Tina Ho, who will follow up on today’s post by talking about holding on your childhood dreams.


What are some childhood dreams you still want to accomplish?

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Update on Re-Launch Part II

Hi guys,

Just wanted to use today to update you on future plans for our blog. I have laid out some plans to relaunch with a bigger and better this summer. If you haven’t already sign up for our mailing list to receive updates on my progress.

You can signup for updates below:

(Your information is private and I don’t spam).

Here is a look at what is ahead for this week:

SUNDAY:                  Q&A with Davis: Personal Questions

MONDAY:                Q&A with Davis: Questions about School/College

TUESDAY:                Q&A with Davis: Questions about Time Management

WEDNESDAY:          Q&A with Davis: Questions about Support Networks

THURSDAY:             How to Keep Your Motivation Alive

FRIDAY:                    Featured Friday: Childhood Dreams

– Davis

Saying No Part 2

Yesterday, I started to talk about why we say yes, when we really want to say no.  Today, I want to continue with how to say no.

Below are two ways to say no without lying.

  1. “I can’t give it my full effort.”

When I have a lot of other priorities, I tell people that I hate to commit myself to something half-heartedly. They will understand that the reason I say no is not that I don’t appreciate the opportunity but that I won’t be of help to the extent that would benefit either side.

  1. “I can’t but you might want to ask…”

Usually, when I can’t take advantage of an opportunity or help a friend, I recommend someone else who can.  If the other person is free and accepts, then it becomes a win-win-win for everyone.

Do you have any other ways you use to say no?

Blog Update Pt 2

Hey guys,

Yesterday, I gave you a major update on my future plans for Find My Motivation. Over the next few months, I will be working to improve Find My Motivation’s site, content, and resources. I plan to have a relaunch around the summer of 2013.

I will post some of my updates here on Find My Motivation. If you are interested in the new site, sign-up for exclusive updates only available through email.


I will be working on the updates and supporting the current blog. Until the next update, keep motivated and sign up for the exclusive updates.

Tomorrow’s article will be about procrastination and how to overcome it.

Find My Motivation Update

Hey guys,

I wanted to give you some major updates for Find My Motivation. Over the last few weeks, I have been thinking of ways to improve Find My Motivation. In the next few months, I plan to relaunch Find My Motivation with an improved website, better articles, and more resources to help you achieve your goals.

But I need your help. Have Suggestions for the relaunch of Find My Motivation? Click the link below.


I will have another update tomorrow and on Tuesday I will have a new article on procrastination and on how to overcome it.

Happy New Years (The Difference a Year Makes)

Happy New Years!

I cannot believe that 2012 is over. It seem only like just yesterday when I wrote down my resolutions for 2012 and now I am one year removed from that day. I am amazed at what a difference a year has made in my life. In 2012, I had a few resolutions that I wanted to accomplish and for the first time in many years I have been able to say I have accomplish most of my goals. I just wanted to demonstrate what a difference a year can make if you are persistent.  Here are two of goals from 2012.


  • Improve my Poker (Hold’ em) Skills.

A year ago, I remember playing my first poker game with my family (a full 9 person ring) during Christmas. Needless to say, I was destroyed by my family. I lost buy-in after buy-in. After I left with an empty wallet, I promised to improve my game. I made a 2012 resolution to be able to beat my family during X-Mas 2012.

From January to December, I read about a dozen books and articles on poker theory, watched videos of my favorite players, and started playing poker every week at Yale and at home.

Last week I tested my progress; I walked away from our annual family game with 5 times what I entered with. The next morning Tina and I played with her family where I left with 3 times my entry. In both games, I was no longer the table fish, I had become the shark. There are still holes in my game that I plan to improve in 2013.

  • Lower my BMI (aka finally start working out)

I started the year being able to do 30 push-ups and 5 pull-ups. I ended 2012 with 350 and 40. While those numbers are a big change, I still have room to grow. But as with everything it all started with the first work-out and a little support from friends.


Today is New Years, a day to begin anew. If you did not accomplish everything you wanted in 2012, made mistakes in 2012, or even misused your opportunities, then 2013 is a chance to do what you could have done. It all begins with the first workout or the first practice poker game. It took me over six years to begin to lose weight, but had I not started in 2012, today is another day I could have started.

Grab your New Year’s Resolutions and let 2013 be the year you finally cross items off your list. Remember that it is never to late to be who you could have been.

2012 in Review


A few months ago I started Find My Motivation as a way to keep my friends updated on my goals and to track all the cool things I saw, used, or read about accomplishing your dreams. Four months and nearly 120 posts later, I still can’t believe I’ve been able to keep my blog going with a new post every day. I wanted to thank you, my readers, for continuing to support Find My Motivation by checking up on me every now and then.

2012 has been an amazing year for me personally. At the beginning of the year, I made a few New Year’s Resolutions, and I am proud to say I have completed most of them and made progress on the remaining ones. I have been able to study abroad debt-free at the London School of Economics, fall in love with my girlfriend, started working out and living a healthier lifestyle. 2012 is over, but the progress I have made will not be lost when today is over. I have had so much fun writing and do not plan to stop.

Writing Find My Motivation has been a huge lesson to me on self-discipline, not being afraid to put myself to the world, and learning from my mistakes. A year from now, I hope to look back at what I am writing today and say I have continue to learn and make progress. I hope that during your time reading Find My Motivation (whether you’ve read only one or two posts, or read all 120) that you have found the motivation to pursue your own dreams and started working on your own goals.

Tomorrow is the first 2013, if you need a reason to start that New Year’s Resolution or goal, then look no further. As always my blog and I will be here when you need to find your motivation.

Thank you and see you for 365 more posts in 2013.



Spend today with those you love.

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Keep Going! (When new routines become second nature)

I overslept by a good two hours this morning(I spent the previous night working on a video project; I was a victim of the planning fallacy). If you had asked me a few months ago what the first thing on my mind was, it would have been worrying that I would be late for class. Today [this post was written on December 12th] when I woke up, the first thing on my mind was missing out on going to the gym and writing my blog before class.

When I woke up and saw how much I would miss my morning routine, I knew that I had reached a high point my goal of living a healthy lifestyle. Things such as working out, opting for the stairs, eating healthy, avoiding fatty foods, were once conscious choices I had to make, but now I don’t have to give them a second thought.

A few months ago, I avoided working out, because I did not let feeling exhausted, getting up early in the morning, or seeing how physically weak I was; I see these reasons now as irrational excuses. But after 3 months, going to the gym is as automatic to me as shutting off my alarm or getting dressed in the morning. What I used to dread I have come to enjoy and see as a normal part of my day.

Realize that as you begin a new routine that you might not enjoy, but with a end result you want, that once your mind and body becomes adjusted, doing that routine becomes as second nature as brushing your teeth or washing your hair.

The hardest part about dieting is starting. The hardest part of having a morning class is getting up. The hardest part about learning a new language is picking up the book. The hardest part about a new routine is starting, but once you have started, the hardest part is stopping.



Realize that the hardest part about a new goal is starting.

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How to Handle Rejection

TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) is a series of conferences that take place all over the world and promote “ideas worth spreading.” If you have been following my blog, you know that I love using TedTalks to supplement my articles.

I find TED to be one of the most innovative platform of the 21st century, no where else can a talk entitled “10 things you didn’t know about orgasm” be on the same playlist as one entitled “Wii Remote hacks for educators”(and if you say YouTube, the video on YouTube are probably TedTalks).

One of my goals has been to give a Talk.  About what you might ask (Hint: look at the blog)? My ideal talk would be about setting goals and accomplishing them. Going beyond just positive thinking and actually having a plan, making time, and committing yourself to your goal.

Recently, a student competition opened up for the 2013 TedxYale. When I saw the announcement, I immediately signed up. The weeks following, I crafted my speech, rehearsed, and asked for feedback from my support network. Earlier this week, I auditioned.

Today the results came via email. I clicked on the message, read the first two sentences, and closed my mail, “Thank you for competing in this year’s TEDxYale Student Speaker Competition. We really enjoyed getting to know you and having a chance to listen to your story.”

I already knew what was coming next. After receiving about two scholarship rejection letters every week in high school, I can skim the length of the letter, read the first sentence, look at the email headline, or feel the envelope and know if it is good news or not (the email continues, “unfortunately, we do not have a spot for you…”).

I talk a lot about positive thinking, but this does not make me immune to rejection.  A part of me died on the inside. If you have ever been rejected, you know the feeling.

After sitting at my desk in silence for the next few minutes, I thought about what this recent rejection meant for me. In my Talk I used my story about using commitment devices to accomplish goals such as losing weight. But even after the saddening email, I realized that I still have my healthy new lifestyle, the friends and supporters I’ve gained since starting, and the lessons I’ve learned along the way. This rejection might have delayed my goal, but it didn’t take away everything I’ve done to get to where I am today.

Disappointment hurts. Disappointment really hurts, but it is what you do next that will determine how much damage it will continue to do to you. Get back up and resume your path to greatness. I emailed a few judges to see what I could have done better, and I plan on reworking my talk and auditioning again next year and at other venues.

My goal of spreading support networks and commitment devices might not have come true today, but that doesn’t mean it will never happen. My disappointment today is not my first nor my last, but like all that came before and all that will come after, I am picking myself up and pushing forward.

Tomorrow, I begin my goal anew; this time with more experience, additional supporters, and a bigger determination.



Next time when things don’t turn out the way you want, look back, appreciate your journey, and begin your goal anew.

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